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ST. LOUIS – A plan to redevelop the former Jamestown Mall site is effectively dead Thursday morning. The Jamestown Mall is now just a huge eyesore. The latest news in this ongoing redevelopment saga comes after St. Louis County councilmember Shalonda Webb who represents this area revealed that she will not support the project.

In May, the St. Louis County Port Authority, which owns the former mall, entered into a contract to have Kansas City based Northpoint development lead a massive $75.8 million redevelopment plan on the 145 acre site.

The project was supposed to be a large scale commercial and industrial development, but councilwoman Webb said she will not support the plans because her constituents do not want that kind of development in the area.

Webb said the project is not suitable for a residential community. The chairman of the Port Authority, John Maupin, told the Post-Dispatch that without Webb’s support he can’t imagine the project moving forward and that the proposal is dead in the water.

Webb said her decision is in no way a reflection on Northpoint or its efforts to make the project a reality and that Northpoint has been honest and transparent. She added that she believes Jamestown Mall will be redeveloped and it will be something that the community can be proud of.

The mall originally opened back in 1973 but struggled and ultimately closed in 2014.

Maupin told the Post-Dispatch that the Port Authority will discuss the situation at it’s regular meeting Thursday. He said it’s unclear what any next steps might be for this site.