ST. LOUIS – 105.7’s Jeff Burton from The Rizzuto Show has entered hospice care. The announcement came during Monday morning’s show.

He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in March 2021.

Rizzuto made the announcement with Patrico and Moon visibly upset. Sometimes they had their heads down. Other times they were looking up and fighting back tears.

Rizzuto said the last time Jeff was on the show was from his home studio on Friday, July 1.

“He hasn’t been doing great the past couple of days. He hasn’t been doing great the past week,” Rizzuto said.

On Saturday, July 2, Jeff was taken to the hospital via ambulance, Jeff’s wife Juli said in a Facebook post. The team of doctors at Missouri Baptist “worked very hard to get him stabilized. It took the better part of the week.” During that time Jeff received two blood transfusions and a platelet transfusion. He did eventually stabilize, but his blood levels never got to where they needed to be. This was a direct result of cancer infecting his entire body.

“I’m not a praying guy, but I’ve been praying for Jeff every day. I’ve been hoping for a miracle,” Rizzuto said.

He came home for hospice care on Friday, July 8. The cancer spread to his entire body and he will not be able to receive any additional treatments.

“Jeff has been in radio longer than I have been alive,” Patrico said. “Being from the area, I mean I grew up listening to Jeff on the air. I mean, I was in grade school listening to Jeff on the radio.”

“He’s woven himself into the fabric of all of St. Louis’ life,” Moon said.

Jeff’s two daughters and wife are doing everything they can to take care of him.

“I just want his daughters to know that your dad is a beloved person,” Rizzuto said.