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HILLSBORO, Mo. – The Jefferson County Health Department’s Board of Trustees voted to censure a controversial board member.

Suzy Davis is accused of violating the board’s bylaws by routinely showing up late, being unprepared at meetings, and being disruptive. The board voted to censure her by a 3-1 vote. Davis was the lone dissenting vote.

Board member Timothy Pigg also accused Davis of regularly undermining the decisions of the board and the health department director with regard to the COVID pandemic. The meeting turned contentious as he read from the bylaws and rules of the board, with Davis interrupting him and things devolving from there.

Davis defended her actions and positions opposing COVID restrictions and voting against bringing the vaccine into the county. She emphasized she is an elected official and is speaking up for a large number of voters who don’t want to be vaccinated.

“I’m representing the people who have chosen not to get the jab, they have not chosen to because they know it’s an experiment thing and they don’t want to participate in that,” she said. “And their rights to their own immunities should be honored and respected.”

The meeting continued to get heated as Pigg further accused Davis of using her position to promote a political agenda.

“You don’t care about people’s health. You care about one thing. You’re trying to drive something here that doesn’t even exist. You’re bringing partisan politics up from the United States Supreme Court and all these congresspeople and you’re bringing it down to this level,” Pigg said. “…We’re here for the health and betterment of the people, not any of this Second Amendment, this amendment that. That’s not our purview.”

Davis requested the matter be tabled, claiming she wanted to discuss things with her attorney.

The measure was not tabled and the board voted to censure her.

Davis declined an interview with FOX 2, saying, “the allegations are false.”

The chairman of the board said if Davis fails to perform her duties, according to the bylaws, it may result in the board voting to impeach her and remove her from office.