JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. – Jefferson County residents won the first victory in stopping a proposed plan to build a new apartment complex near Arnold.

The residents said the project would hurt the community and they were trying to keep the Jefferson County Planning and Zoning Division from approving the plan.

The Jefferson County Planning and Zoning voted and decided to reject the project. Jefferson County residents said winning the vote to block the project was an important step.

“It’s the first step,” said Lori Arons. “That’s what people don’t understand is that, if it gets to the county council and the p and z has approved it, it’s too late.” 

Arons thanked FOX 2 You Paid For It team for helping them spread the word.

“I really appreciate you bringing this to the attention of so many people,” she said. “We could not have done it without you and your help and your interview and just spreading the word.“

The City of Arnold is also against the project. Arnold’s mayor complained to Jefferson County officials that the city was not aware of the plan.

Arnold city officials said they found numerous fire safety problems. The streets in the plan were too narrow for fire trucks to turn around.

The measure would now go to the Jefferson County Council.