JENNINGS, Mo. – The mayor of Jennings is suing five members of his city council.

Mayor Gary Johnson filed the lawsuit Tuesday, a day after the members protested a regularly scheduled meeting because they claimed multiple meeting agendas were being circulated, and it would be improper to attend.

In the lawsuit filed with the 21st Judicial Circuit, Johnson claims council members Terri Wilson, Allan Stichnote, Nadia Quinn, Jane Brown, and Jeannine Roberts held an improper emergency city council meeting on Aug. 18 because there was no clerk available for the meeting.

“The City Clerk, whose resignation became effective at 5:00 p.m. on August 18, 2023, unilaterally decided to remain on premises without authority or permission and discharge the duties of the City Clerk for the August 18, 2023, meeting,” the lawsuit reads.

The emergency city council meeting was called in an attempt to reverse personnel decisions that were made during an Aug. 9 meeting.

The lawsuit has asked the 21st Judicial Circuit Court to step in and decide how to move forward.

The mayor and council members have not commented on the lawsuit.