Jennings multi-level senior living facility without elevator for days


JENNINGS, Mo. – Some Jennings residents are upset over an out-of-service elevator at a senior living three-story apartment. Residents say the elevator has been down for 10 days now.

The Residences at Jennings Place is a senior living facility where many of the people who live there use walkers and wheelchairs.

Residences say they are frustrated.

Brenda Young lives in the apartment building, which houses 55 senior residents. She says the repair needs to be made for safety reasons. 

“We keep getting notices that tomorrow they are waiting on parts and it’s expensive, those kinds of things, but it remains out of order,” she said. “It’s hard to watch when you see elderly people coming down the steps.”  
 A photo was given to Fox 2 crews by a resident. It shows a notice posted on the elevator that says out of service, scheduled for maintenance.
The apartment complex spokesperson says the elevator stopped working after the building was struck by lightning, and has been out of service since July 10.

Fox 2 confirmed there were thunderstorms in the area on that day.

The company released the following statement:

“The Residences at Jennings Place II is doing everything it can to make sure that the elevator is repaired as quickly as possible. Within hours of the lightning strike that damaged the elevator’s circuit boards, management had already contracted with a vendor to troubleshoot the problem. 

“When management learned of the difficulty sourcing circuit boards, we pushed to find alternative sourcing to make the repairs quicker. We held meetings with the residents on Friday, July 16, 2021, to inform them of the progress of repairs, and we will continue to communicate with them as the situation progresses. 

“In the interim, we are helping residents get packages to their apartments as well as assisting them with disposal of their garbage. We do appreciate everyone’s patience while we work through this unfortunate occurrence.” 

 A concerned family who did not want to be identified says his mother lives there and says some of the residents suffer from several medical conditions, primarily getting around in motorized wheelchairs, and being unable to walk up and down the building stairs.

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