WASHINGTON – A group with the Jewish Federation of St. Louis spent the day attending the March for Israel at the nation’s capitol.

Tens of thousands rallied Tuesday afternoon in Washington D.C., voicing solidarity for Israel in the fight against Hamas and crying “never again.”

“It was packed. You’re going to see lots of people with signs and flags,” said Karen Sher, Vice President Community Impact Jewish Federation of St. Louis. “We were there on behalf of the entire Jewish community. We are 60,000 strong in St. Louis, and 300 of us can go and represent our Jewish community. We’re proud to do that.”

Sher said the march was a chance to bring thousands of people together to grieve, sing, and urge politicians to help facilitate the release of 240 hostages.

“We will continue fighting for the release of all hostages till they return to safety,” said Senator Chuck Schumer.

“Israel will cease their counteroffensive when Hamas ceases to be a threat to the Jewish State,” said Representative Mike Johnson.

Sher hopes Tuesday’s rally will help the Jewish and Israeli community grieve and try to move forward together. 

“We never thought we would have to say it again since the Holocaust, but ‘never again’ we’re saying again,” said Sher. “We never thought we would see a slaughter like what we saw on October 7 of Israelis of different faiths, and we’re saying never again.”