ST. LOUIS – Passover Seder is observed by Jews on the 15th day of Nisan in the Hebrew calendar. A local family invited FOX 2’s crew into their home to show us their beliefs and traditions.

Jenny Abeles has set the dining table for all the relatives coming over for Passover dinner.

“For me, the holidays are all about being with your family and celebrating your religion and your traditions,” she said. “So that’s what’s really important to me. So I love just getting together with everyone, I love cooking for everyone.”

Abeles started cooking the day before, as it takes two days to prepare the meals.

She said the tradition is important to her family, specifically for her children, who get to learn the significance of Passover.

“So we can remember the hardship that our ancestors had to go through,” said Tucker Abeles, Jenny’s son. “And so that we can reflect on the future and teach people how to not repeat the mistakes that has happened so many times in history.”

Tucker then explains what’s on the dinner plates.

“We go through the traditional Seder, where there’s five or six different things on the Seder plate,” he said. “They each tell a different part of the history.

“We recount what happened when the Jews escaped Egypt, and we eat a lot of food, which is really great,” said Sam Abeles, Jenny’s son.

“I’ve made chicken, I’ve made brisket, I’ve made matzo ball soup, I’ve made a brussels sprout salad, potatoes,” Jenny said. “I made about three different kinds of desserts because that’s my favorite thing.”

After all the meals are prepared, the family sits down at the dinner table and performs the ritual feast.

Passover Seder is typically celebrated for two nights.