ST. LOUIS — Would you like to have a drink and bring your dog with you to the bar? This month, breed meet-ups at Bar K Dog Bar STL were announced for the year 2023.

Sundays from 3 to 6 p.m. are reserved for the breed get-togethers. They are in the process of updating the calendar as they go, but events have already been listed on it. The following is a list of get-togethers that are scheduled for 2023.

Bar K St. Louis is an outdoor dog park that spans two acres and is completely staffed. In addition to that, they have an indoor dog park, as well as both small and large outdoor dog parks.

If you and your animal companion are interested in going on a date together, this establishment features three bars (two indoor and one outdoor) and a restaurant that offers a children’s menu.

They have adoption fairs as well as live music performances. There is also a day camp for dogs, a place for grooming and training, and trained dog handlers all over the park.