ST. LOUIS – A St. Louis Circuit Court judge said Thursday that the alleged angry parent who shot a youth coach should not get a break to get out of jail.

Daryl Brian Clemmons, 43, will remain locked up on no bond. The suspect’s brother, however, said there’s another side to the story.

“My brother is innocent,” Jason Clemmons said.

Jason’s brother is accused of shooting youth coach Shaquille Latimore last week, over a child’s playing time.

“When it first happened, I’m the one who turned my brother in; 30 minutes after it happened,” Jason said.

Jason said his brother acted in self-defense.

Latimore said prosecutors told him he cannot talk specifics, but he said he’s grateful for one particular parent.

“The parent who shielded me and stepped in when they didn’t have to do that, stopped me from…I essentially, probably, wouldn’t be here doing this interview,” he said.

Latimore was shot four times. FOX 2 spoke with him in the hospital last Friday just after his first steps following the shooting. Two days later, we caught up with him after his discharge.

“When I left, I was so happy to get up out of there, man…the doctors came early that morning, like 3 a.m., and they was like, well, we think you can go home today. I was like – ok!” he said.

Outside of the court hearing Thursday, Jason Clemmons claimed Latimore had a gun on him at the time.

Jason said this was about more than playing time. He claimed the coach went out of his way to confront Daryl Clemmons. He also told us that his brother was nowhere near the playing field, but in a parking lot.

The probable cause statement does acknowledge Latimore was armed on the night of Oct. 10, stating Latimore, “…pulled his gun out and gave it to someone to hold and that the defendant subsequently shot him multiple times while he was unarmed.”

In a surprising twist, a man wanting to remain anonymous showed up to court Thursday, saying he’s a witness. He said he’s not friends with the gunman. He claimed the coach was reaching to get his gun back before he was shot.

“He’s trying to get his gun back and Mr. Clemmons was walking away, trying to avoid it more and more, but the coach was being more aggressive and aggressive,” the man said.

Latimore disputed that allegation, saying the person he gave his gun to was nowhere near him when he was shot.

The witness did tell his story to a defense attorney, but did not get a chance to testify in open court. The judge said she did not have enough new evidence to give Clemmons a chance to get out of jail, and ordered him to remain in jail without bond. They’ll be back in court on Nov. 22.