ST. LOUIS – As temperatures in the St. Louis area dip below average, it’s no surprise people are looking for a way to escape the cold during spring break.

“It’s been a busy last three weeks of college, so it will be nice to unwind,” said Luke Parent, a junior at Washington University.

Parent said he is heading to Panama City Beach, Florida, to visit family.

“I’m just excited to relax,” he said. “St. Louis, when it’s trying to become spring, it can’t really decide. We’ve had some warm weeks, but it’s also been cold, so the warm weather is going to be really nice.”

A number of Southwest flights at St. Louis Lambert International Airport are heading to warmer climates, primarily Florida. However, a flight in a warmer climate can come with some headaches.

Carrie and Brandon Snider were traveling from Orlando.

“We were on the tarmac for about 45 minutes trying to take off, and they said it was cause of spring break,” Brandon said.

A delay the two were luckily prepared for.

“When we checked in on our flight on the app, it said to prepare yourself because it’s going to be busy,” Carrie said.