KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Before the G20 summit concluded in India, one jazz vocalist from Kansas City had the chance to step on the international stage.  

Eboni Fondren was selected to represent the United States in the choir that performed there.

“It was surreal,” Fondren said.

That’s the reaction Fondren had when she found out the news that she’d have a chance to grace the international stage all while doing what she loves.  

“The experience of it all, and the friendships that were made—yeah, it was like—the whole experience just super surreal,” Fondren said.

But this accomplishment didn’t happen overnight. In fact, it took a lot of hard work.  

Not only her life’s dedication to being the best possible jazz vocalist she can be. But putting in the work to be one of less than 30 people selected to be in the choir that had this opportunity had such an important summit.   

Including 10 days of rehearsals, all-in preparation for when the choir took the stage in front of the world.

“Stay true to yourself and take every opportunity that is presented to you, and know that the world is so big. So much bigger than your neighborhood, your block, your school. There is so much out there.”

Doing that led to this moment.

“Any opportunity and chance you have to get out of your box and see the world, do it. It’s amazing.”

To finish up the interview with FOX4, she did add one more piece of advice, saying, “Believe in yourself.”

She also has made her way back to the United States and back home to Kansas.