ST. LOUIS – Kelly Clarkson surprised one St. Louis couple with $20,000 for their efforts to feed community members in need.

Riz Khan and Farah Alam are co-founders of the Little Angels Foundation, a nonprofit that offers thousands of free meals to people in need around the St. Louis community.

On Thursday, they had the opportunity to speak about Little Angels and their mission on the Kelly Clarkson Show. “We will help anybody, no questions asked,” said Alam.

Khan and Alam say their mission is to set up an at-home community kitchen several times a week. They hope to inspire neighbors and volunteers to cook and serve meals for those less fortunate.

Kelly Clarkson thanked Khan and Alam for their support and willingness to help people who have fallen on hard times during Thursday’s show.

Before they left, she announced a major surprise: $20,000 to support the at-home community kitchen.

“We love your commitment to St. Louis, and our friends at Save-A-Lot are inspired by how you’re doing a lot of good in your hometown for feeding those in need. They are donating $10,000 to Little Angels.”

After that, Clarkson adds, “What you’re doing is so beautiful, and I know it cost more than $10,000 to get that, so I’m going to throw another [$10,000] in there for you.”

The Little Angels Foundation was founded in 2013. Khan and Alam say they noticed a growing unhoused community go without food during the cold winter months, which inspired them to create the foundation and an at-home community kitchen. The program has since been expanded to help refugees, the unemployed, immigrants or anyone in need.

For more information on the Little Angels Foundation, click here.