ST. LOUIS – A backup kicker from a local high school football team was born without arms, he is inspiring people on and off the field as he plays for the first time on Friday.

The Riverview Gardens Rams have not won a game in four years.

“We practiced hard and we’re going to succeed,” said teammate, Cory Rimmer.

Riverview Gardens High School coach Patrick Immken said he planned to turn things around this season.

“You learn more from your mistakes than you do your victories. After fourteen hundred days, we’ve learned quite a bit,” Immken said.

Brandon Robinson who was born without arms said he has been thinking about this moment, as he getting ready to play his first game.

“I’ve been thinking about it all night,” Robinson said. “The feeling you get when you make a field goal is just I don’t know. I don’t know how to explain it. It’s just a (good) feeling.”

Robinson said he always had an interest in playing sports.

“I’ve liked sports since I was younger, playing the games with my feet, with people around, everybody being shocked,” he said.

Most people would not think sports would likely happen for Brandon but he said with practice and a lot of heart, he’s proving them wrong.

“People help me with certain stuff like my shoes and putting my clothes on sometimes but when it comes to kicking,” Robinson said. “I am worthy of being on this team.”

With the support of his team and coaches, he’s been able to grow his skills.

“His work ethic is infectious,” Immken said. “and you saw that smile, he can turn a day around with just that smile.”

Immken said he doesn’t treat Robinson differently because of his disability.

“I have a sister with a disability. I was raised from birth on that she doesn’t get treated any different, same with Brandon,” Immken said. “I work him as hard as any of the other players.”

Immken said he teaches his players that if you believe in yourself, success will follow.