KIRKWOOD, Mo. – The start of planting season and Mother’s Day go hand-in-hand, making gardening supplies and plants the perfect gifts for a mom with a green thumb.

“This is the busiest ten day stretch of the entire spring, for sure,” said Dan Mitchell, Summit All Seasons Market in Kirkwood. He says that customers were wall to wall last weekend and he expects to be even busier this weekend.

“We’ve just unloaded three or four trucks this morning. Pretty much, every day, three or four trucks up until Friday. I am trying to get it all in before it gets really, really busy on Friday.”

Even on this windy, gloomy Tuesday, Mitchell says customers were already shopping for mom.

“It’s easy. Who doesn’t like flowers? How much jewelry can you use? You can only wear a little jewelry. How many plants can you look at in one day?  You can look at a lot. Yes, Moms will never ever not be happy with a plant.”

Mitchell notes that the up and down temperatures of April kept some of the early-bird customers away. Those that are now coming out may be surprised at the size of the flowers they find at that garden center.

“Because of this cold April, they’ve been getting backed up in greenhouses, which is good for the customer because now it stays in the greenhouse and grows even bigger.”

From herbs to hibiscus, petunias to peonies, you can find it all for Mom at the Market. They’ll be busy but ready to send you home happy.

“Customers here are so cool here, so nice. They understand that it’s that time of year,” says Mitchell.

Downtown Kirkwood is celebrating Mother’s Day weekend with a Sweets On Every Street event Saturday, May 7, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Doughnuts, ice cream, chocolates, and more from local shops will be featured and there will be a band at the Summit Market. The Kirkwood Garden Club will host a flower and plant sale Saturday at the Kirkwood train station.