KIRKWOOD — People often talk about how brave police officers and firemen are, so it’s easy to forget about the hardworking civilian workers who keep a city running smoothly. Jerry Redmond, who has worked as a sanitation worker for the City of Kirkwood for many years, was recently thanked in a moving letter.

Dearest Mr. Redmond,

You, sir, are my hero! Really! Last month, you delivered a trash dumpster to my sister’s house off of Fillmore Lane. After you turned to return to the lane, I turned to go back to the house, tripped on something and fell on my face. As I cried out in pain, you swooped in like an angel sent from God.

You helped me up, saying that I needed to get to the emergency room. You helped me into the house and to the kitchen sink where you wet paper towels to wash my face. You helped me to the sofa to lay down and got me an ice pack for my bleeding and bruised face.

You even made conversation with me so that I didn’t pass out. (I clearly remember this,
because you told me that you are 62, so you thought I was about 60. I told you that you
are my new best friend, because I’m 72!) You and a neighbor stayed with me until my husband arrived to take me to urgent care.

I cry when I tell my friends about the incredibly kind and gentle man who was my hero
that day. The City of Kirkwood is very very lucky to have you in their employment.

Mr. Redmond, I just can’t thank you enough.


Letter sent to the city of Kirkwood.

Katherine Hessel, communication’s manager for the City of Kirkwood, said that even though the city has gotten letters before praising sanitation workers for their hard work, this one story jumped out.

It showed Redmond’s character and showed that he was not only a hard worker but also a good person. The story in the letter shows how kind a stranger was and is a powerful lesson that even small acts of kindness can have a big effect on someone’s life.

The Sanitation Superintendent, John Howze, says that Jerry is known for being dependable and always ready to go the extra mile. Howze said that he wasn’t surprised to hear about Redmond’s kind act because it’s in line with what he’s done in the past.

Redmond is a respected worker in the City of Kirkwood and has lived there for a long time. He has raised his family here and still lives there, showing that he cares about and is committed to the community’s well-being.

Hessel says it’s lucky to have Redmond as an employee because he lives up to the values and spirit of Kirkwood. His story is an inspiration because it shows how powerful kindness can be and how much a person can change their community.

Letter that the city of Kirkwood received.