ST. LOUIS – KTVI is celebrating its 70th birthday as a television station. We began broadcasting on Aug. 10, 1953, as WTVI Channel 54. Two years later, we became KTVI. There was no Facebook in those days, but as we celebrated our 70th birthday as a station, we took to social media to ask our viewers to share their favorite on-air moments.

As the late, great Dick Ford noted, it’s the people who make this place. And those people are responsible for some of your favorite memories.

Viewer Alyssa commented: “growing up with FOX 2 and all things Tim Ezell.”

From bears to breaking his nose on air, Tim’s definitely done it all and risked it all to make your mornings brighter.

Dennis remembered the time Paul Schankman experienced a moment we’re sure he’d like to forget. We’ll certainly never look at llamas the same way again.

Behind-the-scenes bloopers reveal a different side of our staff. Peter picked out Elliot Davis. His now iconic “You Paid for It” point and decades of pinpointing government waste. From arena and overpass implosions to protests, papal visits, and championship parades, coverage you can count on is more than just a slogan to us. Sharon recalled our Flood of ‘93 coverage.

Yes, a lot has changed in the last 70 years. We’ve moved from Berthold to Ball Drive. Switched from ABC to Fox. Said farewell to teams and trusted teammates. But through it all, we’ve stood tall, and you’ve stood by us. You count on our coverage, and we count on your support.

Thank you for sharing your memories. Here’s to another 70 years!