ST. LOUIS – It was a busy weekend at airports across the country as millions of passengers traveled for the long weekend. The Transportation Security Administration said more than 6.8 million people made their way through checkpoints between Friday and Sunday.

Passengers at St. Louis Lambert International Airport said traveling this Labor Day weekend was a breeze.

“It’s been super easy. We haven’t had any problems. It’s been great. Everyone has been nice,” said Jermaine Arphul.

“Everything went very smooth. Except having to change terminals in Newark. I’m glad my luggage and I both made it. But everything went well and it was actually kind of a light day, I thought,” said Bob Watt.

Not everyone made it to their destination on time, though.

“We got here at 12:30 (p.m.). The plane landed, and they said they had air pressure problems. So, it may still take off, but not in enough time for us to catch our flight from Minneapolis,” said Neil and Barb Finbloom, who are traveling to Europe for their 40th anniversary.

The airline rebooked them for Tuesday, but the couple said they are a little concerned about the growing number of passengers expected through Wednesday.

“It was pretty dead here today, but at least we leave in the morning, so hopefully it will be okay. But it might be worse since everyone wants to leave in the morning,” said Finbloom.

TSA expects to screen more than 14 million passengers through Wednesday. Passengers have this advice for anyone heading out of town later in the week.

“I do not like to check bags. Make sure you pack well. Take your carry on so you don’t have to worry about anything,” said Arphul.