ST. LOUIS – Drivers who commute on Interstate 55 are already making plans to use an alternate route as MoDOT crews closed two northbound lanes Monday morning, as well as a few ramps.

MoDOT crews began work on a multi-year project to renovate many of the bridges along I-55 between I-44 in St. Louis City and Lindbergh in St. Louis County. 

Allisa Jones said she drives on I-55 pretty often. 

“At least once or twice a day. I drive 55 to get to my daughter’s house, or I take it to my grandson’s school from time to time,” she said.

Crews closed two northbound lanes between Weber Road and Virginia Avenue. I-55 is now down to two lanes in each direction. 

“It gives you a headache, especially when you have something to do in the morning and the traffic is truly backed up,” Jones said. “So I have to have alternative ways to get to where I need to get to.”

Crews also closed the entrance ramp from Germania to 55 North, as well as the exit ramp from 55 North to Loughborough. 

MoDOT said these ramp closures are projected to last through most of this year. 

Osman Mayow takes I-55 to downtown for work every day. 

“I used to spend like seven to nine minutes to reach there, but now it is more than that,” he said.

However, Mayow said he doesn’t mind it and that it will be more beneficial in the long run. 

“They are doing what they are supposed to do, and I don’t blame – I am so proud of what they are doing right now,” he said.

Additional lane shifts and ramp closures are expected as crews continue working on the corridor. There will also be paving once the bridge work is done.

Construction on the entire project is set to be completed by the spring of 2025.