The three categories of COVID-19 symptoms children and teens may have

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ST. LOUIS – Infectious disease doctors at St. Louis Children’s Hospital tell Fox 2 they are seeing three groups of children and teens with COVID-19. 

One group has the same symptoms as adults.  They experience fever and cough. 

A second group doesn’t have those symptoms and instead has one or all of the following:  nausea, diarrhea, rash, loss of taste and smell and bluing toes. 

The third group has no symptoms at all.  Doctors still don’t know how many teenagers are presenting without symptoms.  They are still trying to determine the best way to test and identify these teens.  They do know there is a significant portion without symptoms. 

The hard part for parents is that all of the COVID-19 symptoms could apply to other viruses and the common cold.  Doctors say new studies show some asymptomatic children have such a mild version of the virus, they don’t infect anyone else in the household.  It also appears children are less likely to transmit the virus compared to adults. 

Doctors say if your child has been exposed to someone with COVID-19, call your pediatrician who can determine whether they should be tested. 

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