ST. LOUIS – Laura Keys is the projected winner of a special election to fill a vacant St. Louis City Alderman seat.

Official results are pending, but with 100% of precincts reporting on the race, Keys is leading with 57% of the vote. The next closest challenger is Joann Dyson Williams with 32% of the vote.

If those results hold, Keys will represent Ward 21 with the St. Louis Board of Aldermen until the next general election in April 2023.

Candidates ran to replace John Collins Muhammad, one of three aldermen who resigned amid a corruption scandal. Federal investigators said, Collins Muhammad, ex-board president Lewis Reed, and ex-alderman Jeffrey Boyd took cash to help secure tax abatements for a business developer.

A special election was only possible for the seat previously held by Collins Muhammed because he resigned from his role more than 180 days prior to the next general election, the required amount of time to hold a special election for the vacancy. That was not the case for Reed and Boyd, who resigned from their spots in late May.

Keys, running as a Democrat, competed in a field of four candidates, including three independent candidates Joann Dyson Williams, Melina Long, and Ebony Moore. All candidates had filed for election for Ward 21 by July 1.

During Tuesday’s primary election, Missouri voters had the opportunity to choose Republican and Democratic nominees for U.S. Senate, U.S. House, state auditor, and state legislature seats. Candidates who pick up the most votes will appear as their party’s nominee on Nov. 8 ballots for the general election.

Voters in some municipalities, including St. Louis City and St. Louis County, also have various tax measures, propositions, and political offices on the August primary ballot.