Law enforcement ID man killed in shootout with De Soto Police


DE SOTO, Mo. – Investigators in Jefferson County have identified a man killed Tuesday morning in a shootout with local law enforcement.

De Soto Police responded to a domestic disturbance around 8 a.m. in the 800 block of Clarke Street.

According to Grant Bissell, a spokesman for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, Noah Sharp arrived at the residence shortly after them and he was armed.

Bissell said officers ordered Sharp to drop his weapon but Sharp refused.

Sharp allegedly opened fire at the De Soto officers. The officers returned fired, killing Sharp. He was 27.

“The man (Sharp) comes out of the home. He’s armed at the time,” Bissell said. “Officers give him verbal commands to drop the gun. He doesn’t listen. Initial reports are that he fired at officers. Officers returned fire.”

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One officer suffered a minor injury from a cut and the others were not harmed.

“When a suspect opens fire on a police officer, it immediately becomes a deadly-force situation,” Bissell said. “That’s not a ‘go to the taser,’ ‘go to a pepper spray’ type of thing. That is defense of your own life and the lives of others around there.”

Investigators said police body footage corroborates this account. There was also evidence that Sharp planned to die in the confrontation, according to law enforcement, but they would not be more specific.

Sharp stayed at the residence on Clark Street off and on with his girlfriend, neighbors said. According to a friend, Sharp barricaded himself in a room there Monday night.

A neighbor told FOX 2 she had called police to report trouble at the home in recent months, including a woman yelling for help, shots fired, and police chasing a man she believed to be Sharp on foot.  

All three officers have been placed on administrative leave, according to the De Soto Police Department. The officers’ ages are 33, 34, and 37, respectively. They each have between 2.5 and 3.5 years on the force.

There have been dozens of incidents involving Sharp reported at the home going back several years, according to law enforcement. He has past convictions in Jefferson County for assault, stealing, and drug possession, according to court records.   

De Soto Police requested the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department to take over the investigation.     

“In this case, officers did what they needed to do. They’re safe and they’re going home to their families tonight,” said De Soto Police Chief Jeff McCreary. 

Noah Sharp. (Oct. 2020 mugshot. Provided by Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office)

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