ST. LOUIS – Spring has sprung in the area and with temperatures nearing 70° later this week, lawn care specialists are already pressing into full gear.

“Today is the start of really getting into the busy season. So with the temperatures changing, pre-emergents definitely needing to get down,” said Joshua Paske, owner of Paske Pest Control and Wildlife Solutions.

Paske Pest Control and Wildlife Solutions are already seeing their spring calendars fill up.

“And we’re right at that right window right now where you’re not too early, but you’ve got just a couple of days left before you’re almost too late,” he said.

Their customers are keeping the eight-year-old company busy and they’re keeping a close eye on the temperatures, which determine when to get going in the yard to prevent summer weeds.

“We want the temperature to be between 55° and 58°. Somewhere in that range. And stay 62°. Somewhere in that range. And so we’re just outside the temperature raising, but the sustained temperatures (are) what you’re really after,” Paske said.

Even with pre-emergents there are plenty of other factors that can impact your yard as the year progresses.

“If we have a really hot summer, if you don’t water your grass, if you over water your grass, if you have a mowing company that mows your grass. Unfortunately, when they mow somebody else’s grass they’re bringing that to your house,” he said.

And you can try to research on your own but it might be cheaper to leave it with those in the know.

“Look at it, get educated, get knowledgeable, but then call a professional, whether it’s us or somebody, generally it’s cheaper,” Paske said. “Because the bottles that you have to purchase are typically more or they don’t know how to lay it in the yard properly. So you can burn out your yard.”