ST. LOUIS — A dramatic video shows people running for cover after gunshots rang out over the weekend in downtown St. Louis, and city leaders are sending a dire warning to parents.

St. Louis radio personality Derk Brown, who works for Hot 104.1, recorded the video near Kiener Plaza as some Cardinals fans were leaving the ballpark Sunday night. One person fired the shots, according to police. No one was hurt.

Investigators said the chaos started after large groups of juveniles gathered downtown. City leaders are encouraging parents to keep their teenagers from hanging out downtown unsupervised.

“The parents should be held accountable,” said Alderman Joseph Vaccaro. “It’s no surprise when you’re seeing all these young kids being shot and killed in the city. Whether or not they’re involved in crime or know someone who is. If you want to protect your kids, if they’ve got a gun, take it away from them. Call the police on your own kids. We need to hold the people who are shooting accountable.”

Last week, a leaked memo stated that St. Louis police officers will be moving to mandatory 12-hour shifts starting in June amid staffing shortages.

“You can put a police officer on every single corner, but until we hold the parents and the kids accountable by prosecuting them, this will continue to get worse and worse,” said Vaccaro.

Police are reminding parents there is already a curfew for juveniles — from midnight to 5 a.m. on Friday and Saturday, and from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. for the rest of the week.

“Seems like most of these things happen after most of the crowds are gone,” said Vaccaro.

The suspect who fired the shots Sunday night remains at large. Police are reviewing surveillance videos to assist with the investigation.

The Cardinals released the following statement: “The safety of our guests and employees at Busch Stadium remains our highest priority. We continue to work closely with the City, the Mayor’s office, and the Metropolitan Police Department to coordinate and communicate security measures around Busch Stadium and Ballpark Village.”