ST. LOUIS – The sweltering heat is prompting more efforts to help those most vulnerable to the dangerous temperatures. 

St. Louis County Executive Sam Page spoke on the services that the St. Louis County government can provide for residents during the extreme heat Wednesday morning.

“We haven’t seen a heat wave in a while,” said Page. “It’s our first one this summer. And it’s ten days of 90 and 100-degree temperatures. It’s extraordinarily dangerous. We know that people can die from these heat waves, and I’m concerned that in our community we will see people from these heat waves,” said Page.

Anyone in St. Louis County who does not have access to an air-conditioned space is urged to locate a cooling center by calling the United Way’s 211 hotline. A United Way team member will connect callers to area locations.

Some residents might be hesitant to run their air conditioners because of concern about utility bills.  Through the county’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program, utility bill help is available.

Two days after record-setting heat, Ameren is also donating 750 packs of energy-efficient light bulbs and 850 air conditioners to Cool Down St. Louis. The AC units were loaded onto trucks yesterday to be delivered to those in need. 

Founder of Cool Down St. Louis Gentry Trotter said the financial donation will help vulnerable residents in St. Louis and eastern Missouri and that the air conditioners are for seniors and the physically disabled. For utility assistance call 314-241-0001.

Cardinals fans battled the extreme heat Tuesday to turn out for a double header at Busch Stadium. The Cardinals put large fans inside stadium gates to help keep people cool. There were 125-gallon containers of ice water placed around the stadium. The “water monsters” as they’re called were available for anyone who needed a cool drink. 

The Cardinals are back at Busch Stadium at 6:45 p.m. Wednesday, once again battling the Pirates and the heat.