ST. LOUIS — There is another seismic shift happening in St. Louis radio. KSHE-95 radio host Lern and comedian Rafe Williams are joining The Rizzuto Show on 105.7 FM KPNT.

The Rizzuto Show let go of radio personality Tony Patrico in January. Patrico was previously a co-host of The Rizzuto Show with the late Jeff Burton. He died last year after a battle with prostate cancer. Lux also left the station in 2022 to “explore a new adventure.”

Lern started at KSHE in 2008 and now hosts the Afternoon Drive and Monday Night Metal shows. She has worked many different shifts at the station, including the morning show with John Ulett. The host is a hit with fans on-air and on social media. She just posted a lengthy Facebook post about the career move.

“To the KSHE Audience – I mean it, you are the ‘best damn drivers in the United States of America’ and still the best listeners of radio, anywhere. Thank you for accepting me and giving me a chance. I know many of you won’t make the switch and that’s okay – maybe we can run into each other at a concert some time. I just hope you know how much your emails, phone calls, comments and interactions have meant to me. I have a rolodex of your faces that plays in my mind when I am on the air (this is no joke) and you have always been part of the ‘gravity’ that exists while I’m talking in a mic. Thank you for your love and ears. You helped me grow.

As KSHE goes into this next era, I will be cheering it on from the sidelines! Give Josh Innes a chance! (Give him hell, too. 😉) I will always be a fan and feel a deep connection to this place, the audience and the people who keep it on the air.

Now I get to embark on a new part of my radio career and it feels really cool!”

Statement posted to Lern’s Facebook page.

Williams has been a regular guest on the Rizzuto Show. He was a part of the STL Up Late sketch comedy show and named “The Funniest in STL” by the Riverfront Times in 2017.

Williams will be joining the show on April 3, 2023. Lern is expected to start on April 17 after wrapping up at KSHE.

KSHE is holding a “Last Call” party for Lern at Fast Eddie’s on Friday April 7 at 2 p.m. They will be posting more information about that on later.

The Rizzouto Show announcement went viral on Facebook. At one point Monday morning, it was the most popular post on the social media platform. The station also added one more bit of news for viewers:

“The man himself – Scott Rizzuto – has agreed to a new 5-year deal with Hubbard Radio, extending The Rizzuto Show through July of 2028! Everyone at 105.7 The Point is stoked to welcome Lern Radio and Rafe Williams Comedy to the team, and to have The Rizzuto Show set to continue anchoring our mornings for years to come!”

KSHE 95 host Favazz shared this Facebook status update about Lern going to KPNT, “Sorry to see you go, but it’s the right thing.”