ST. LOUIS – Two men who have been friends for more than half a century are riding bikes across the country. They don’t have engines on theirs, but they say a good cause is fueling their journey.

“We’re lifelong fiends and I wanted to help him with his cause, and for myself,” cyclist JD Norton revealed. “I wanted to spread the word about organ donation.”

“So I messaged him,” cyclist Tommy Taylor shared. “I said John David, you wanna ride coast to coast with me? And I don’t think it was third seconds when he got back to me and said yes.”

Both JD Norton and Tommy Taylor have been impacted by the need for organ donors. Taylor lost his wife two years ago to Sarcoidosis. A lung transplant would have saved her.

Norton’s 8-year-old grandson is also in need of a kidney.

The biking duo’s journey started in Santa Monica, California in April. On Monday, they stopped in St. Charles.

The two hope to reach Boston by June.