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St. Louis, Mo. – A developer is planning a 67-acre project along the Mississippi River north of St. Louis called Lighthouse Point. It will be located near the St. Louis Zoo’s new WildCare Park on Riverview Drive. Current plans include a marina, waterpark, themed hotels, restaurants, and shopping.

“We anticipate connectivity between the two projects will create a regional attraction that draws visitors to St. Louis to benefit the City and the County, which is exciting for the entire region,” states Neal Richardson, Executive Director of the St. Louis Development Corporation.

The St. Louis Development Corporation expects the project to create over 450 new jobs and expand infrastructure in the area. They are working to develop the site without funds from St. Louis.

The Zoo’s WildCare Park is currently under construction. The 425-acre property is located in Spanish Lake in St. Louis County. Animals will begin arriving in 2023 for a pilot pasture. The park is expected to open to the public in 2027.

It appears that the Lighthouse Point project is still in the planning phase. It is not clear when they expect to start the project or how much it may cost.

Developers are planning to mix the natural beauty of the Mississippi River with the zoo’s new project to bring more people to the area. It may make a wonderful combination if it comes together.