FENTON, Mo. – Frightening moments overnight in Fenton after lightning struck a home leading to a fire there while a family was inside. There was extensive damage to the including the roof being gone. There is also some siding damage to the homes next door from the heat of the fire.

Battalion Chief Jim Watkins with the Fenton Fire Protection District said that there were three people inside the home when it happened, and they were all able to get out okay. Those people were a husband and wife with their young adult son.

There were also two cats that survived as well. No injuries are being reported from the fire.

Fire crews got the call just before 11:00 p.m. Watkins tolf FOX 2 that the family heard a massive thunder boom after a lightning strike. At first, they didn’t realize that lightning had struck their home – but then Watkins shared that a short time later they started smelling something burning and realized the leaves in the roof area were on fire.

That’s when they got out and called 911.

Watkins spoke with FOX 2 about the intensity of the fire when the first crews arrived at the scene.

“They got here within eight minutes,” Watkins revealed. “The roof of the structure on the back was on fire. It was already through the roof. When I got here minutes after that it was working its way up to the front of the structure, so it was moving progressively. It’s a significant loss. You know it’s up to the insurance company to decide if it’s going to be totaled or anything. But it’s a significant loss, and obviously it hurts for the family.”

Crews from three different departments responded. It took about 20 minutes for crews to get the flames under control.