ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — Friday marked the last day of school for Lindbergh High School’s graduating Class of 2022. To celebrate, roughly 400 seniors picked up their caps and gowns and then visited their old elementary schools — where it all began.

“We walked through our elementary schools and saw our old teachers and got cheered on by the younger kids,” said senior Mia Buchholz.

The Lindbergh Schools Foundation and the Lindbergh Alumni Association helped set everything up.

“We get to be chaperones and sponsor the Lindbergh seniors today to bring them to Concorde Elementary, which is where they all attended when they were little kids,” said Greg Schattgen, of the Alumni Association Lindbergh Schools Foundation.  

The younger kids cheered the seniors on with words of encouragement, signs, and high fives. The seniors also visited the former elementary school teachers.

“They’re walking through the hallways, and everything seems small to them. And they’re like, ‘Look how tiny the library is. Look how tiny the books are and how tiny the kids are,’” said assistant principal Lindsey Perkins.  “They just feel like grownups at a place where they started. So it was exciting to see them cry and see teachers at a place where their education started.”  

Buchholz also had some advice for elementary students: “My best advice is to just have fun and do your work and go to school. It goes by really fast so enjoy it while it lasts.”