ST. LOUIS — The sound of musicians performing will be heard for 36 straight hours at Lindbergh High School this weekend. The annual Musicthon was created by student band members in 2014.  Their inspiration was seeing a classmate named Alex lose his three-year battle with cancer.   

“Being a band director of a band that is thinking about something bigger than themselves, I’m super, super proud of that,” said David Wyss, Lindbergh’s director of bands. “I can’t imagine what those families are going through but know that people are thinking about them, and we’re trying to do something good in their honor.” 

The annual event has raised more than $23,450.  The current band president, Lindbergh senior Hannah Wehrman, said fellow students are eager to participate in something that helps others.  

“It’s amazing,” she said.  “It’s the thing that we look forward to each year.” 

Band vice president Blake Burrus said, “Just gives me great joy to see everyone performing music and giving to the community.” 

The Musicthon involved months of planning and comes at a time when many students are busy with AP exams, college plans, and finals.  

“They take 36 hours out of a weekend, and they dedicate themselves to raising money for kids with cancer,” said Lindbergh parent Kristie Deeter. “It moves me every time.” 

“I hope that it’s something that catches on with more schools around the area,” said Wyss.  

He said the annual event is a great way to get the entire student body involved in something positive. This year’s event is taking place in the Lindbergh High School commons area.  The Musicthon started at 8 a.m. Friday and will end Saturday at 8 p.m.  

Anyone wishing to support the effort can visit