Livestream: Watch the ‘corpse flower’ bloom at the Missouri Botanical Garden


ST. LOUIS – The Missouri Botanical Garden’s Climatron is where the rare Octavia, or “corpse flower,” can be seen blooming.

The botanical garden has a live feed available on YouTube.

Visitors can see the flower bloom during regular operating hours from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and during Thursday’s evening event, Origami After Hours.

They bloom only rarely and under just the right conditions. When it does come into flower, the intense, foul odor, emitted from a tall spike of small flowers, lasts just a few hours.

As of August 3, Octavia measured 102 inches, the tallest corpse flower yet at the Missouri Botanical Garden. All signs point to the fact that bloom time is approaching quickly.

“The chemical compounds within the plant itself that create the delicious odor for the pollinators smell dreadfully bad. And it you take a combination of dirty socks and feces and boiling cabbage and Limburger cheese, and all those nasty kinds of things. Those are the compounds that are inside,” says Colletti.

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