TOWN & COUNTRY, Mo. – Police are investigating after a teacher found a loaded gun in a five-year-old’s bag at a Town & Country school.

The gun was found around 8:45 am. Friday at Principia Lower School in the 13000 block of Clayton Road.

Investigators say a teacher was assisting a 5-year-old student into an empty classroom, then discovered the gun inside the child’s tote bag. Staff members immediately took the bag and gave it to police upon arrival.

Merry Sorrells is the head of schools for Principia. She said the entire school community has received notifications about the incident.

“We wanted our parents to know that there was never a risk or a threat to any of our students or community members,” Sorrells said. 

No injuries have been reported around the incident. Police say quick actions from the staff members likely prevented any risks.

The student’s parents have been in contact with school administrative leaders throughout the day and have been cooperative.

Town & Country Police Chief James Cavins said the Division of Family Services is involved in the investigation along with his department. They believe this was an “inadvertent incident with no intention on the part of the student.” Cavins said at this point in the investigation, his department has found no negligence on the part of the student’s parents.

Cavins encourages all parents to make sure firearms are secure. He says nearly every police department in the area provides gun locks for free.