ST. LOUIS – Due to severe weather over the weekend, a local barbecue restaurant had to shut down, resulting in the loss of its entire inventory.

“Hi, how you doing guys?” asks Lindsay Ireland with Adam’s Smokehouse.

The queue was full and bellies were left stuffed as customers stopped by for lunch at Adam’s Smokehouse on Wednesday.

The BBQ restaurant first opened its doors in the fall of 2013 and has since built a reputation for exceptional meats served with a warm side of kindness.

“The hospitality,” said Madeline Zanti with Adam’s Smokehouse. “I think it’s the friendliness and the quickness of the food and all of that.”

Suggestions for sauce are very helpful.

“My husband recommended it,” said Kathya Piazza, a first-time customer. “He said their BBQ is fabulous, so I had to come try it out.”

Unfortunately, Adam’s Smokehouse faced a setback over the weekend due to the power outage caused by the Saturday storms. Regrettably, the outage caused all of their smoked meats and sides, including brisket and baked beans, to spoil and had to be disposed of in the dumpster. This forced an on-site closure Sunday and canceled scheduled bulk orders.

“It’s a shame really for a family-run business,” said Chris Jaco, a weekly customer. “You really hate to see that for anybody, really. Everybody should support their family-run business in the area.”

“Crazy, you know,” Zanti said. “Just everything at once, all at the same time. But we managed. We got through it.”

After re-stocking and reloading during its normal days off, Adam’s Smokehouse’s fresh batch of meats and sides were ready to go, which meant a lot to faithful foodies and friends.

“We’ve got to know all the people—the owners, the workers, and stuff,” Jaco said. “They’re all real good people, and the food’s always good.”

That aced this first-time test for these visiting Cardinal fans from southern California.

“We come back to St. Louis about three times a year for stretches of ballgames, and this will be a stop now every time we come back,” said Rod Cameron, a customer.

That’s enough to make your mouth water.

“You’re good to go,” Ireland said. “Alrighty, have a good one.”