WEBSTER GROVES, Mo. – The average cost of a carton of eggs has now increased to $3.59 across the country; in some places, it’s $8 a dozen.

The Boardwalk Café in Webster Groves is well aware of the increase in the cost of eggs. The small restaurant that claims the best breakfast in town will continue serving up eggs over easy, scrambled, or in an omelet.

“For us, we are a breakfast place, so we mostly sell eggs,” said Ashley Owens, a server at the Boardwalk Café. “We are known for our large portions and low prices. So that’s what brings people in. So, with the cost of eggs going up, it’s harder to give out those larger portions with the prices that we are charging.”

Eggs are now twice as expensive as they were a year ago. According to the USDA, around 57 million chickens were culled due to an outbreak of the avian influenza virus, more commonly known as “bird flu.”

“We haven’t raised prices,” Owens said. “So, we are eating the cost. If it continues to go up, we will have to raise our prices.”

A retired schoolteacher who taught culinary arts said that while prices have gone up for eggs, she is not balking at the cost.

“You can still get a lot of protein for your cost of the eggs, even though the egg prices are higher than they used to be,” said Sherry Wallis, a customer. “Our food prices generally are much lower than they are in other countries of the world. And if we’re eating for nutrition and not just for the flavor, you’re going to get good value for the egg even if it’s twice as much as it was.”