ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Several local Catholic churches are preparing for a fish fry on Wednesday.

Fish fry is usually done on Fridays, but it was all about the prep work Tuesday at Queen of All Saints Catholic Church for a smooth transition into the Lenten season.

Holy Name of Jesus in Bellefontaine Neighbors and St. Francis of Assisi Church in Oakville are also getting ready for an Ash Wednesday fish fry.

On Tuesday afternoon, workers at Queen of All Saints Catholic Church are preparing the fish and fixings for the anticipated crowd that will converge on the church parking lot to get their hands on some fish and side dishes, as well as a chance for the faith community to come together.

“A lot of strategic linking,” said Joe Hogan, Knights of Columbus co-chair of the fish committee. “We plan to serve over 800 meals, so there’s a lot of green beans and spaghetti and the fish. And then doing all the cooking that day and setting up two serving lines, one for dine-in and one for carryout. So, a lot of prepping.”

You can find other fish fry locations on the FOX 2 website or download our app. There are plenty of great locations to try over the next 40 days.