BALLWIN, Mo. – The on-again, off-again showers were an inconvenience Monday, but thankfully, local golf tournaments for various charities continued despite the rain. There were three separate tournaments that took place.

Golfers were back into the swing of things at Norwood Hills Country Club early Monday to raise money for St. Patrick’s Center.

“So our clients are coming in they’re in need of housing, employment, healthcare, a variety of things, and we’re offering those services, and we’ve been doing that for almost four decades,” said Anthony D’Agostino, CEO at St. Patrick’s Center.

While the skies were overcast, conditions stayed mostly dry. But Mother Nature’s plans are always a concern when organizing a big event like this.

“This is a worry every year. We’ve been able to actually have it almost every year and not have to cancel or move inside,” D’Agostino said. “I will say during COVID this was actually great because we were outside and we didn’t have to worry about being inside and spreading anything. But today looks like we’re going to be ok. And we have plenty of things we can throw over. Ponchos and all that.”

Meanwhile, over at Meadowbrook County Club, the 37th annual Ronald McDonald House Golf Tournament returned. Outside of some light rain, play went on as usual.

“Golfers love this kind of weather. So, this is okay,” said Dan Harbaugh, the president of the Ronald McDonald House Charities Organization. “If the thunderstorms come in and they blow the horn and everybody’s got to stop play.”

This is their largest fundraiser each year and this year, they’re going to top $900,000 and maybe come close to a million. With numbers like these, a lot rides on the weather. Luckily, complete washouts have been very rare.

“I’ve been with the organization 28 years. And I think we’ve only had two in 28 years,” Harbaugh said. “It’s so great to be back.”

After a cancelation in 2020 and a scaled-back tournament in 2021, this is their first year back to normal since the pandemic began.

“Extremely fortunate. We’re very, very blessed,” Harbaugh said.

The third event was the Autism Speaks 11th annual St. Louis Golf Classic at Whitmoor Country Club in Weldon Spring.