ST. LOUIS – Police shared that a speeding driver in a stolen SUV hit and killed two sisters, and the family wants to see that driver face criminal charges.

“She was the first grandchild, and I was the second,” explained Candance Jones. “We grew up together.”

She smiled remembering 53-year-old DeVonne Wilson and 42-year-old Ayanna Woods, who were sisters. Jones, a cousin, said she considered the women sisters.

“And then 10, 11 years later here comes Ayanna, the worst little sister,” Jones laughed at how Ayanna always reported family shenanigans to the adults in the house.

Wilson and Woods were in a car late on Tuesday night, November 22. Wilson just learned her husband of only one year was in the hospital.

“Her current husband was in a car accident Tuesday night,” Jones explained. “They were taking the insurance information to the hospital for him.”

St. Louis Metropolitan Police said the sisters were driving on Meramec Street near Gravois Avenue in south St. Louis. Investigators revealed that someone in a speeding and stolen SUV then rear-ended the women.

“They called me around two o-clock that morning,” Jones expressed with tears streaming down her face. “I’ve been devastated ever since.”

Wilson and Woods died. Jones said, the only comfort for the family was that the sisters were together.

“The one would be just done without the other.”

We reached out to St. Louis Metropolitan Police for an update. Sgt. Charles Wall emailed this statement on Tuesday, November 29.

“I can confirm that the vehicle that struck the victims’ vehicle was reported stolen from Eureka, Missouri. The latest information I have is that the driver of that vehicle is confined to an area hospital. I have no update to provide on any charge(s) at this time. You would need to make an official Sunshine Request for the crash report; however, I can advise you that the report is not yet complete.”

Jones also said she was confused why charges were not filed immediately.

“I understand it’s a process and everything, but it’s not sitting well that we have to bury two positive, strong, Black women for no reason.”

Wilson left behind a 21-year-old son and a seven-year-old stepson she called her “bonus son.” Woods left behind an 18-year-old daughter and 13-year-old son.

The family is still making funeral arrangements. Wilson worked at Wyman Center. Woods worked where the family hopes to have a memorial service, Missouri Botanical Garden.