CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – Some small businesses are struggling to stay afloat with high inflation and staffing shortages, while others are expanding. Billy G’s is opening a second location in Chesterfield, adding more than 100 jobs.

“I’ve got goosebumps right now,” said Allen Corzine, general manager at Billy G’s.

He said Thursday’s soft opening is a day that has been in the works for three and a half years.

“Having this little pop-up thing today, it was not planned to do this,” Corzine said. “Having this going on right now brings me joy to see my staff, my brand-new staff. Half my servers have never served before, but they’re picking it up so easy.”

The new location in Chesterfield has a different feel and menu than the original. Over in Chesterfield, breakfast is served all day.

“We’re going to have great omelets, great pancakes, great waffles, fresh fruit. Some amazing coffee as well,” said John Papapagianis, kitchen manager. “Definitely the omelets, specifically the one named after me. The Papa John, it’s a St. Louis pizza-inspired omelet. You’re going to have to come in and try it.”

Staff are hoping they’ll see new regulars at the Chesterfield location.

“Best in class; great people make great food, and great service, great atmosphere,” Corzine said. “I do truly believe that’s how we keep bringing people in, and that’s how we’re able to expand.”