ST. LOUIS – A St. Louis area teacher is on the list of TIME’s 10 Innovative Teachers Project presented by Verizon.

Willow Rosen is the Education and Care Support Specialist on the Transgender Care Team at Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri (PPSLRSWMO). Planned Parenthood said the curriculum “focuses on transgender and non-binary individuals.” It is taught to kindergarten through college students at schools around the St. Louis area with an “inclusive, evidence-informed, and age-appropriate,” approach, according to TIME.

“The majority of the TC2 team members identify as gender-expansive, which helps us to live our mission —  ‘nothing about us without us’. We are proud to represent our diverse identities in the communities we serve,” Rosen said. “Our program works to heal some of the wide-reaching disservice and stigma related to sex education. Our education prides itself on honesty, evidence-informed or evidence-based practices, and the TC2 curricula, a program centering on gender-expansive humans. Being recognized by TIME is an honor and important step to recognizing  gender expansive folks in educational systems.”

Rosen is also working on developing a curriculum specifically for trans students to learn about their bodies and sexualities.

Verizon said, “Overall, the 10 finalists of the TIME Innovative Teachers Project have helped students with disabilities get placed in STEM careers; made unaccompanied minor immigrants feel welcome in the U.S.; connected students around the world on video chat; planted micro-forests to teach ways to fight climate change; and designed video game lessons to teach anti-racism.”

This list is in conjunction with Verizon’s $1 billion in contributions supporting digital equity.

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