Local unemployment continues to rise as businesses continue to close

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ST. LOUIS - Kayla York was working as a server at The Pasta House in Creve Coeur and Drunken Fish at Ball Park Village. The stay-at-home order restricts restaurants from giving customers a dine-in experience, so employees, like York, are currently out of a job.

"As of like three weeks ago, yeah, I was pretty much laid off," York said. "They don’t have a spot for me since they aren’t allowing people in the restaurant, you know?"

Her current situation has forced her to file for unemployment at the age of 23 just to make ends meet. Not only does York have to pay her rent, but she's also still in school and has to pay for her classes. Although she is doing her best to maintain a positive attitude, she admitted she is stressed.

"Mentally I’m just taking it week-by-week honestly," she said. "I am stressed out financially but I’m just hoping for the best. I’m hoping that, as silly as it sounds, that the government will help out with everyone in a similar situation because a lot of people and a lot of occupations are out of work."

York and I went to Ball Park Village to visit the Drunken Fish and discovered the restaurant has decided to completely close as of today until further notice. A place that is usually packed and booming with business looked like a ghost town.

York stood by my side, looked at the building and said, "I mean there are so many people that work here at Ball Park Village. You know, all the bartenders, all the people that clean it and everything; so many people out of work right now up here and it’s sad."

If you or someone you know has lost their job due to COVID-19 closures, visit www.stlgives.org to see if you are eligible for the Gateway Resilience Fund. You can apply for a grant that will help you financially until you can get back to work.


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