ST. LOUIS – Eminent domain is a hot topic in the Jeff-Vander-Lou neighborhood after the proposal of a new blight study.

The new study is looking at homes and businesses on more than 850 acres that surround the NGA West campus. Alderman Rasheen Aldridge says about 61% of the structures are vacant in the blight study area. During the Jeff-Vander-Lou neighborhood meeting Monday night, many locals expressed concerns over eminent domain.

Aldridge says his proposal will not allow eminent domains to be used for locals who are currently living in their home.

“It is something that, in my opinion, can really bring a bright light to north St. Louis,” Aldridge shared. “We have an anchor with NGA coming in that can help but at the same time, the way NGA came in also hurt people with forcing them out of their homes. So we’re being very cautious.”

Aldridge says the bill still needs to go to the housing committee before going to the Board of Aldermen.