CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – Sunny skies and 70s are ahead for St. Louis, and it’s shaping up to be a nice weekend weatherwise.

Some clouds and small rain chances Friday afternoon set the stage for more comfortable weather ahead. Outdoor spaces were full of people getting a jumpstart on the weekend.

Gorgeous weather at lunchtime meant a packed driving range at Landings at Spirit Golf Club in Chesterfield.

“The weather has been super great for the golf courses this year. Today is a beautiful day. Nice and cool out. It’s sunny and shiny, and our tee sheet is full,” said Paul Gerson, the Director of Golf Operations at Landings at Spirit Golf Club.  

Also full are the bellies of many of Gerson’s co-workers following an afternoon feast at Faust Park.

“We actually planned this event maybe a month or so ago. We were saying it’s going to be a little bit cooler in September. We hope that it will be, and it worked perfectly,” said parkgoer David Bowen.

And a chance to stretch those legs after that meal.

“Right now is the time to go for a little bit of hiking. Take the dog out for a walk, a long walk. Take your kids, and have some fun outside,” said Lambros Frantzeskakis, another parkgoer.

And this gorgeous weather rolls right on into the second weekend of college football. Harpo’s Chesterfield, a favorite for Mizzou fans, will be busy both inside and out on their patio.

“It seems like it’s either been a hundred degrees or storming every weekend for the last couple of months. So yeah, we’re looking forward to it. Got a TV on the patio. All inside. It should be a great weekend here,” said John Rieker, the owner of Harpo’s Chesterfield.

Mostly sunny skies and temperatures a bit below normal continue through the weekend, with even cooler weather and some rain chances possible next week.