ST. LOUIS – As lawmakers in the Missouri House wait to debate legislation involving the transgender community on Thursday, a pair of big moves are being made in Washington, D.C., in favor of trans youth.

As a way to support transgender kids and other people affected by the Missouri Attorney General’s lawsuit against the Pediatric Transgender Center at Children’s Hospital, members of the St. Louis community read messages of gratitude.

“This is kind of an unprecedented moment that we’re in right now. The attacks on children are something I’ve never seen before,” said Micah Ballard, community center manager for Metro Trans Umbrella Group.

As a show of support during a turbulent time, parents and families of transgender kids made notes as a daily reminder of appreciation.

“They were incredibly appreciative. I got the sweetest message from them, along with a picture of everybody holding it because it’s over 100 feet long,” said Susan Halla, board president of TransParent. “So they had everybody holding it in the clinic and sent a picture.”

The show of support comes as the U.S. Supreme Court makes a pivotal decision allowing a 12-year-old transgender girl to continue running track in West Virginia. The Court refused to disturb an appeals court order.

The Biden Administration proposed a change to rules for the U.S. Department of Education that would allow transgender athletes to compete in Title IX colleges. The new federal rule change would allow for some restrictions, but not a complete ban.

LGBTQ supporters in St. Louis vow they won’t stop fighting.

“It’s also really important for trans youth to know that they have people fighting for them,” Ballard said. “Not just their parents, or their aunt, or uncle, or their grandparents. But there are other trans adults out in the world who are fighting for them.”