ST. LOUIS – From Rome to right here in St. Louis, Dan Gray has documented history for more than half a century as a journalist.

“He’s so genuine, and he cares so much about St. Louis. He’s one of those guys who just represents this city,” said Mandy Murphey, FOX 2 anchor. “We’re going to miss him so much in retirement.”

The staff at FOX 2 and KPLR 11 gathered on Tuesday to celebrate Gray’s remarkable career and retirement.

“Just watching history unfold. Whether it’s something large or something small, it’s been a real joy for me,” Gray said.

From politics to religion and medicine, the Jennings native and Fairview High School graduate has covered it all in his career.

“The people that I’ve known throughout the years, have worked with throughout the years,” Gray said. “That I’ve covered on a daily basis throughout the years have been supportive beyond my imagination.”

“Dan was always the true professional,” said Kurt Krueger, FOX 2 and KPLR 11 general manager.

“Dan sat right outside my door. I always felt like he was more than just a co-worker or a fellow great journalist,” said Audrey Prywitch, FOX 2 and KPLR 11 news director. “He was like my neighbor.”

In the same way, Gray has faced every challenge in his career, he is using his courage and faith as he battles high-risk prostate cancer.

“I don’t look at this like life is out to get me. I look at this as a challenge for life, and with God walking with me,” Gray said. “We’re going to beat it.”

Gray’s positivity, personality, and professionalism are what we will miss most in our newsroom.

“That’s one of the things about working in your hometown. You get to work alongside some of the people that you looked up to for so long,” said Andy Banker, a FOX 2 and KPLR 11 reporter. “Dan is at the top of that list.”

“Ultimate class act. Nothing he can’t do. Nothing he won’t do to help a friend. Great guy,” said Alicia McPherson, a FOX 2 and KPLR 11 producer.

“Can we talk about the voice? I mean seriously. If you’re going to go into broadcasting, you need to have that Dan Gray voice,” said Glenn Zimmerman, FOX 2 chief meteorologist.

“We would bring an apple fritter for the other person. I would joke with Dan, ‘I think I have a shoot in Florissant this week. I’m going to go to Old Town Donuts. What do you want?’ We both loved donuts.” Said Fox 2/KPLR 11 Anchor and Reporter Jasmine Huda.

“Dan, it’s all knuckles and know-how, and now it’s all knuckles and know-how again. Congratulations,” said John Fuller, KPLR 11 chief meteorologist.

“The strength you guys share. I am so proud of you. I really am and I’m so glad I got to work with you,” Gray said. “I’m so glad I get to call you friends. God bless you all.”

This is a sincere sign-off from a man who saw it all and gave his all. Thank you, Gray, and congratulations on an amazing career.