ST. LOUIS — Centene Stadium, the future home of St. Louis’ Major League Soccer team, is still under construction — but it’s almost ready for a summer completion date.

On Thursday, joint venture partners building the state-of-the-art stadium hosted a construction safety event that included a stadium tour in the Downtown West neighborhood. The St. Louis CITY SC team also thanked construction workers during the event, which focused on health and wellness.

The stadium is on track to be complete by this July. Contractors will soon plant grass over the heated Pex tubing to help upkeep the pitch year-round.

“As of the end of April, we’re just over 80% complete with construction,” said Ellen Spangler, the senior project manager at Mortenson, Alberici & Keeley. “We’re trending well and planning to turn over the building July 22, 2022, as planned and scheduled and on budget.”

Local companies Mortenson, Alberici, & Keeley are serving as the general contractors, set to plant the sod on the main pitch within the next few weeks. They will then transition south of Market to the rest of the training facility campus, pavilion building, and team store.

The stadium’s seating areas are another focal point that will show off some CITY pride.

“We’ve got the team blue in the bottom level and then some of the ‘CITY red’ color mixed in,” said Spangler. “When we’re complete with seats, the upper bowl is ‘CITY red.’ It’s a really cool transition and appealing to the eye. It also spells ‘CITY’ in the team’s grey color.”

Spangler has most recently worked on Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, and Pfizer Forum in Milwaukee. She said she’s impressed by the state-of-the-art stadium that will offer in-house Wi-Fi, so fans can share pictures of the perfect pitch.

“Then, we have a sub air system so that we’re delivering exactly what the roots of the grass need to perform at their best,” said Spangler. “Additionally, there’s also growing lights given that it’s not always perfect and sunny as you can see today.”

In March 2023, the MLS season kicks off.