ST. LOUIS— Where can you find some of the best hamburgers or cheeseburgers in the St. Louis area? We asked our Facebook fans, and they certainly had their opinions. Here is a list of the best places in St. Louis to enjoy a burger, according to our viewers.

The determination of the “best” was based on the number of reactions each comment received.  

  1. Dave’s pick is the Quadzilla burger at Gordon’s Stoplight in Festus
  2. Beverly offers an off-the-beaten-path option: Ginny’s Kitchen & Custard in Barnhart, Mo., just a drive south on Hwy. 67 South, known for their fantastic burgers.
  3. Kevin humorously mentions his go-to place, a “little Scottish restaurant called McDonald’s.” 

As for the honorable mentions, those with five reactions and below: 

  1. Kathy raves about the candied bacon burger at Gallagher’s in Waterloo
  2. Ashley recommends Nubby’s Telegraph for the best smash burgers. 
  3. Tonya’s top choice is Concord Grill
  4. Lori’s favorite is Shamus McDaniels

Over the river suggestions:

  1. Gregg’s favorite is Wally’s Drive-in in Breese, IL
  2. Melanie suggests trying Dairy King in Breese, IL, which also offers frozen Ski. 

And to recognize places that have since closed: 

  1. Joyce fondly recalls Dooley’s, which used to be located Downtown, as having the absolute best flame-grilled burgers she’s ever tasted. According to her, what set these burgers apart was the use of spreadable cheese instead of the usual sliced variety. The experience left such a lasting impression on her that she continues to incorporate spreadable cheese into her own meals to this day. 

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