ST. LOUIS – The sights and sounds of the loop trolley will be back again starting today. After a hiatus of more than 2.5 years, the trolley will resume operations Thursday morning.

One trolley car will start rolling on the tracks at 11 a.m. The new program cleared several safety hurdles and got the final go-ahead late Wednesday. One trolley car will operate out of the Loop Trolley Headquarters on Delmar. Another one will be used as a backup if needed.

The trolley first started running in November 2018 but it had to shut down in December 2019 because of financial problems. The new trolley operation will run on the same 2.2-mile route as before. That route runs on Delmar Boulevard and DeBaliviere Avenue between the University City Library and the History Museum in Forest Park.

Bi-State Development is now in charge of operating the trolley. The agency which also runs MetroBus and MetroLink was asked by regional leaders to take over trolley operations earlier this year to get the system back up and running. That move was made after concerns were raised that the Loop Trolley project could default on millions of dollars in federal funding that was awarded to originally help start up the trolley.

The trolley will now operate Thursday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and it will be free to ride. This initial pilot program will continue until October 30. Then the trolley will close for the winter and return again next spring.