ST. LOUIS – Days after the City of St. Louis ordered the site of the old Famous-Barr department store boarded up, FOX 2 caught looters stealing from the building through new holes in the boards.

Our cameras caught someone rolling what appeared to be bundles of wire through one such hole around 7:30 a.m. Wednesday. Around noon, someone else crawled out through the hole, saying he’d gone into the condemned building to get out of the rain.

About 30 minutes later, the same man, now wearing a coat, took a large box from the building. It was overflowing with wire and what appeared to be holiday decorations from the former Famous Barr and Macy’s department stores, which occupied the Railway Exchange Building for decades. Items were spilling from the box onto the sidewalk as he struggled to carry it. He made another trip into the building and emerged pulling a large crate full of wiring.

This individual made separate trips with each load, block by block, to the Convention Center MetroLink station three blocks away, without being stopped. FOX 2 alerted St. Louis police, but there’s been no word of any arrests.

People who work nearby said there was even more activity minutes earlier.

“I saw a guy walking down with a big copper pipe and God knows what else,” one woman said. “It looked like a bunch of tools he took from somewhere.”

The day before, we saw a team of police and firefighters come out through the same hole. They were assessing the status of the building’s fire suppression equipment, such as sprinkler systems.

People who’ve been getting into the building recently have been starting fires, said a woman who works nearby.

“They set little campfires in there,” she said.

“There was some evidence that some smaller warming fires had been utilized in the building,” Capt. Garon Mosby, St. Louis Fire Department, said. “Obviously, that’s a concern for the fire department and another reason why it’s good that our members were able to get inside, take a look around. … (The building’s) 1.2 million square feet presents a challenge in itself for the fire service. So, it’s good during daylight hours to get inside before an event has occurred and see what you’re dealing with.”

All of this comes just a week after the City of St. Louis Building Division ordered an emergency board up of the 110-year-old Railway Exchange Building, an architectural gem that occupies an entire city block and a place in St. Louis’s heart from its days as a home to a beloved department store, which closed under the Macy’s name in 2013.

The City of St. Louis released the following statement:

The City of St. Louis remains committed to securing vacant properties and holding their owners accountable. The City’s Building Division, SLMPD officers, and Fire Department remain in frequent contact to monitor the building and respond quickly to safety concerns. The Problem Properties Unit continues its effort to hold the out-of-state owners accountable for properly securing and maintaining their property…the Building Division is also working with Ameren to quickly address electrical concerns, given the recent thefts, before they board up the building again.

Hudson Holdings of Delray Beach, Florida, owns the building and faces fines of up to $500 a day under the city’s condemnation proceedings.