Update: The dog was adopted by a woman who read this story.

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Officers with the North County Police Cooperative found a dog Tuesday, and they have not been able to find him a home.

The animal seems domesticated and is friendly. But, the dog is not chipped and has no collar. At one point, officers tried to release the dog, hoping it would just go home. He just sat at the door and would not leave.

Police are taking care of the dog temporarily, but don’t have the resources to take it in. They have reached out to several shelters who say they are full. Animal Control told the police that since the dog was not hurt or dangerous, then they would not pick it up.

Video of another lost dog went viral earlier this week. It shows a border collie named Rosie entering English police station and sitting in the reception area. Police were able to reconnect that dog with her owner.

Hopefully this dog can find its owner or a new forever family. Learn more about adopting a pet in St. Louis County here.

Please call the North County Police Cooperative’s non-emergency phone number at 314-428-6868 if you would like to foster the dog.